The Best Ways to Store your knives

As we all know we need to keep kitchen knives regularly sharpened and cleaned for better performance and longevity. Kitchen knives must need to be kept out of the dishwasher or not left in the sink. Before storing knives always remember to dry them as well.

There are few alternatives you can consider when storing your knives. It’s more than just a matter of kitchen organization to find the correct home for your knives. Storage of the right knife can help your knives stay sharper longer and also help your kitchen look fancy.

Correct knife storage and their installation gives your knives extra life. Also, keeps your knives remain sharper and productive. In-spite there are many other ways for making correct usage of a magnetic knife holder in your home and kitchen.

An essential way to obtain the highest cutting efficiency is materials, maintenance and cleaning, that is how they are stored in your kitchen.


Some storage methods will dull and harm good edges, and may also be somewhat hazardous to fingertips, while other techniques will assist to maintain those edges keen and crisp.

For that here, we cover storage methods for kitchen knives.


Essentially, there are four different ways to store your kitchen knives. They can be mounted on a wall with a magnetic strip, or they can be stored in a block or dock on the counter, under a cabinet if room, or in a drawer dock.

There’s a fifth technique as well, and that’s the roll of the chef. But this is more for the professional chef who travels with his instruments and for home use is somewhat complicated.


Magnetic wall strips are a secure and easy way for your cutting tools to be stored. These magnetic strips for walls are probably the best way to keep kitchen knives, as there is minimal contact with the cutting edge, which keeps them sharp and free from harm.

With wall mounted magnetic knife holder it becomes a lovely way to show off your knives as well. And a strip is also effective, as it enables you to see all your blade choices in one look.

 No more pulling every knife from the block until you find the one you want.

Best in magnetic wall strip

Wooden 12” Magnetic Knife Holder From Chrisjen Lifestyle

Chrisjen lifestyle Magnetic Knife Holder
Best Magnetic Knife Holder

In your kitchen you can use magnetic knife holder for wall which can be mounted on the wall above the counter, on a back splash, on a cupboard end, or on the side of the fridge. Here the installation procedure of chrisjen lifestyle magnetic knife holder is so easy.

They come in a wide range of products such as stainless steel, quartz, and wood. Some are also accessible for combining storage choices with a utensil bar and hooks. Here presented Chrisjen magnetic knife holder is a best magnetic knife holder is its own wall strips category.

Available on


For fast and simple access, knife blocks and docks that sit on the counter hold your blades close to your workstation. There are the ancient classic blocks that are included as a collection of knives that many are completely pleased with. Others have no knives to come.

For a beautiful presentation, many are produced of wood–but one of the primary drawbacks here is cleaning.


Kapoosh Dice Knife Block

Available on


Under cabinet storage comes in two styles.

The first is essentially a block connected to a swivel installed on the cabinet’s bottom. The entire block spins when you need a blade to access the handles, and then you can move back and forth once you have your selection.

The second style is a hinged dock containing knives in a drawer-like enclosure.

 These open by pulling down to reveal the contained tools and then close to sit tightly under a cabinet for storage.


Ultimate kitchen storage under-cabinet mounted knife rack

You can customize your own wooden cabinets according to your kitchen space.

Available on


Drawer storage is another possible knives method–provided that you don’t just let them bang loosely around.

Unwashed blades in a cutlery drawer are hazardous to the safety of your fingers and clunking against each other as the drawer fairly much guarantees dull blades and edge harm.

Look for in-drawer holders with slots that can fit a variety of dimensions for the biggest versatility.

The planned drawer’s interior dimensions are an significant consideration for owners or docks in the drawer. When knives are installed, you want to guarantee that you have appropriate clearance, as oversized handles can avoid closing of the drawer.


Safe House Ware-In Drawer Bamboo knife drawer organizer

It can be customize

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